Albertina Kerr’s Children’s Crisis Psychiatric Care Unit

albertina-kerr-_-rileyLaurel Akridge realized something was different with her son Riley when he was around eighteen months old. As a toddler, Riley was biting, kicking, scratching and very anti-social. In first grade, he was suspended or sent home more than 40 times. “It was frustrating. Riley was at the top of his class in math and reading but he wasn’t in class. He was in the principal’s office,” said Laurel. “It was hard because his needs weren’t being met. Albertina Kerr was wonderful in getting us in and focusing on what they could do to help.”

Albertina Kerr’s Children’s Crisis Psychiatric Care Unit assessed Riley with a communications delay, and diagnosed Riley as bi-polar, ADHD, and social pragmatic communications disorder. “It was a lot to handle,” said Laurel.

Once Laurel received the diagnosis, she felt “relief as now there was something that could be done to help Riley. It was an amazing feeling to know there was help out there and he was going to receive it.”

Riley loved the occupational therapy and playing with his therapist, felt safe talking with her and knew he wasn’t being judged.

Today, Riley is a thriving seven year old. He’s won student of the week five times, is doing great in school and hasn’t missed a day of school this school year.

“I can’t say enough good things about the work that Albertina Kerr did with Riley and I. I don’t think Riley would have had the success he’s had in life and friendships and in our relationship without Albertina Kerr’s Children’s Crisis Psychiatric Care Unit. Riley’s worked hard at it, but he couldn’t have done it without Albertina Kerr,” said Laurel.

Albertina Kerr’s Children’s Crisis Psychiatric Care Unit provides diagnosis and treatment of children with developmental delays, ADHD, autism, behavior issues, sensory processing disorder, and other issues affecting the ability to relate effectively with their family and environment by means of a transdisciplinary team (Developmental Pediatrics, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Social Work and Case Management).

Since 1907, Albertina Kerr has been serving the most vulnerable Oregonians. Today, Albertina Kerr strengthens Oregon families and communities by helping children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, empowering them to live richer lives. Support of the B.U.L.L. Session is vital to Albertina Kerr’s work, and the generous donation helps to raise critically needed funds and awareness for children, families and adults in need.

Thank you for your support.

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Gales Creek Camp Foundation 

gales-creek-camp_patrickPatrick has been coming to Gales Creek Camp for the last five years. During his time spent as a camper, Patrick was able to meet and form friendships with a diverse community of people who understand what it is like to have Type 1 Diabetes. His friendships provided support throughout the year with managing diabetes, and going to camp allowed him to be a more confident young adult.

This summer, Patrick completed his last summer as a high school camper, and returned to camp as a Counselor in Training (CIT) to volunteer for a week of camp. Patrick described his week of volunteering to be a way to “return some of the camp magic that was given to him.”

Below are Patrick’s own words about his experience at Gales Creek Camp:

“More of a home than a camp. More of a family than a friendship. More happiness that I’ve ever felt at a place away from home. It feels like whenever I’m away, I’m missing a part of me. This is a place I can say I am truly happy to be a part of and will never forget the memories as a camper here. Hopefully I can continue to make memories as a counselor next year, but until then I’ll be savoring this years’ experience for a very long while. Thanks for the support you have given me throughout my childhood. Until next year, Gales Creek.” Patrick, Age 17

Working in concert, BULL Session Charities strive to protect and improve the lives of many GCC campers. For this cooperation, we are grateful.

The Gales Creek Camp Foundation—serving children with Type 1 Diabetes and their families since 1953.

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March of Dimes

march-of-dimes_karysToo many babies are born too soon. Premature birth is a serious problem that threatens the lives of about 400,000 babies each year in the United States and 15 million globally. That’s why we’re funding new research to find the causes of premature birth and develop ways to prevent it.

Throughout our organization’s history, March of Dimes has tackled complex health issues facing moms, babies and families – and solved them. We aim to make premature birth our next breakthrough and ensure that every baby has a fighting chance.

We help families cope with the challenges of having a critically ill newborn, whether due to prematurity or a birth defect.  We work with women to reduce the known risk factors that lead to preterm birth, and proceeds from the B.U.L.L. Session Events helps March of Dimes in Oregon and SW Washington improve the quality of maternity care and high risk pediatric care for all pregnant women and newborns.

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Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland

shriners_alexzya-boyd-braces-9-8-11-06Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland celebrates more than 90 years of providing compassionate healthcare for the children in the Pacific Northwest. The Portland hospital is dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing specialty care, conducting innovative research, and offering outstanding healthcare teaching programs.

More than 1 million children have experienced the care of a Shriners Hospitals for Children. Where children up to age 18 with orthopaedic conditions, burns, and cleft lip and palate receive services in a family-centered environment, regardless of their ability to pay.

With donations from the B.U.L.L. Session, we are able to uphold our commitment to taking care of children in the Pacific Northwest. Together we are bringing a special kind of Love to the Rescue.

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Swindells Resource Center at Providence Child Center

providenceswindells_sofiaThe Swindells Resource Center of Providence Child Center helps families and caregivers of children who experience special health needs, developmental delays or disabilities navigate educational, health care and social service systems in positive, creative and innovative ways by providing:

  • Information about their child’s skills, abilities, and special needs
  • Necessary knowledge to effectively advocate for their child
  • Connection to resources, networks and support systems available in their community
  • Education and training related to parenting a child with a disability

Today, Providence in Oregon serves more children with developmental conditions than any other health care organization and the Swindells Resource Center is there to help. The dedicated staff serves metropolitan and rural communities in every county in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Through our vast lending library, educational events, support services, parenting classes and referral guidance, we connect families, caregivers and others to information and training.

In 2015, over 29,000 points of contact were made, 800 care notebooks were distributed and 60 speaker events were offered at little or no cost due to the overwhelming generosity of donors like you. Thank you!

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Wheel to Walk Foundation

wheel-to-walk-foundation_brantleyBrantley was born with a severe form of spina bifida, along with hydrocephalus, and chiari malformation which leaves him with limited mobility and sensation in his legs. For this very social little boy who is eager to explore his environment, Wheel to Walk purchased this ZipZac chair, which cost $900. The chair allows for mobilization that can help propel him forward and backwards so he can engage in age-appropriate play activities and explore his environment at his level.

Thanks to B.U.L.L. Session Charity Events, Wheel to Walk Foundation is able to purchase essential equipment for children with disabilities when they are unable to obtain them through insurance. Examples of items we provide are therapy bikes, gait trainers, shower chairs, adaptive strollers, adaptive car seats, wheelchairs and modifications, communication devices, patient lifts, and cranial helmets, just to name a few.

Our organization strongly believes that no child with a disability go without essential equipment that could improve the quality and opportunities of their life.

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